Saturday, March 24, 2018

Take an hour to save our planet

Today is Earth Hour, a global event organized by World Wildlife Fund. It is celebrated annually by asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness of the need to take action on climate change.

Via Dr. Caligari's Cabinet

1920s' Style Genderless Swimsuits

I like the look of these old school style Beefcake genderless swimsuits. They are designed by tomboy surfer Mel Wells of Portland, Oregon to suit any body. Sublimation printing ensures that the color will never fade or crack, even after multiple washings.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Japanese anime director Makoto Shinkai's masterful portrayal of food is gathered together in a mouth watering supercut.


Saskatchewan woman gives clumsy porcupine a hand

When a Saskatchewan woman spotted a porcupine in distress, on its back and unable to get up she knew she had to lend it a hand - or, in this case, an ice scraper.

Via CBC News

Did Ancient Greeks Sail to Canada?

A team of Greek researchers believe that the Hellenistic Greeks visited Newfoundland in search of gold, in triremes powered by sail and oar in the first century CE, nearly a millennium before the Vikings. The proposal, which has been received with skepticism by many in the field, is based entirely on a new examination of a dialogue written by the influential Roman author Plutarch, who lived from 46 to 119 CE. The bulk of their argument is based on astronomy, and it all starts with a total eclipse of the sun.

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