Thursday, May 24, 2018

Mother Road Revisited

Photographer Natalie Slater set off in a 1964 Shasta trailer with a collection of old postcard photos of Route 66. Her rephotography project, Mother Road Revisited,  follows the highway from Chicago, IL to Santa Monica, CA, correlating the old  images with current locations.

An Introduction to Mother Road Revisited from Natalie Slater on Vimeo.

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Faces of Frida

Accessible via the Google Arts & Culture app and website, Faces of Frida is the largest collection of artworks and objects related to Kahlo ever compiled.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

How Good Are You At Recognizing Faces?

"Super-recognizer" is a term coined by researchers at Harvard and University College London to describe people who are uncommonly skilled at face perception. The ability to recognize faces seems to exist on a spectrum, with the 2 percent of the population who are super-recognizers on one end, and prosopagnosiacs — that is, the 2 percent who are unable to recognize familiar faces (including their own) — at the other. Take the quiz to find out where you fall on the spectrum.


Get creative with mini cinder blocks

Turn your desk into a miniature construction site with Mini Materials Miniature Cinder Blocks

Death Valley 8K

This video from More Than Just Parks is too beautiful for words. Just watch it.

DEATH VALLEY 8K from More Than Just Parks on Vimeo.